Stuart Elliott Wasn't Kidding About Boomers Being the New Black

Tony Curtis Jumps Into Licensing Game

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Can it be coincidence that the very same day Stuart Elliott writes about how marketers are waking up to the fact that all the money's tied up in the boomer generation we get a press release announcing Tony Curtis is developing a consumer products licensing program. Say who now? Even some of the younger boomers in the office slapped on their hearing aids and shouted too loudly, THAT Tony Curtis? Yes. That Tony Curtis, star of "Spartacus," "Some Like It Hot" and "The Boston Strangler."

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Curtis isn't a boomer. I know that. I'm in the media, but I can still count. Sort of. But boomers are likely the biggest demo with large, disposable sums of money who'll remember who Curtis is. But Curtis isn't just some actor from back in the day. According to this web site, Curtis is an artist of considerable merit and demand:

Tony Curtis creates brightly colored impressionistic paintings, drawings and assemblages reflecting the glamor of his movie star status, his generous nature and his zest for life. The subject matter of his paintings include domestic still lifes featuring floral and cat motifs, landscapes, celebrity portraits and self portraits. ... Considerable demand for Curtis's artwork dictates a busy exhibition and personal appearance schedule with his original paintings commanding in excess of $50,000 per canvas.

I don't need to tell you that $50,000 per canvas isn't chump change. That's Thomas Kinkade money! And it's certainly not the 18-to-34 demographic who's paying it. So yeah, wake up marketers. It ain't just Jerry Shereshewsky and AARP yelling loudly in your direction. The money's been there for some time and some folks have been trying to point it out. Repeatedly.

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