Stupid Is as Stupid Does in PR World

Anderson's Do-Not-Spam List Results in Flack-on-Flack Violence

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According to Silicon Alley Insider, Chris Anderson's black-listing of a swath of flacks and in-box raiders has resulted in a PR flame war between Ronn Torossian and Steve Blinn, who are threatening to steal one another's employees and clients. It's a must read, if only to confirm every bad thought you've ever had about the industry.

This comment is priceless (if potty-mouthed): "Ah, this is nice to see. I always thought that PR was a bullshit industry run by idiots who generally do more harm than good for your company.... and now I see that this is the case."

That prompted this response: "I hope your mother dies a slow and painful death and i hope your kids get cancer of the brain."

All class, all the time.
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