Stupid Super Bowl Stunts and Bad PR

Company Wants Your Baby Footage, Media Attention

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Throw this one in the ridiculous press release pile: "In its upcoming Super Bowl ad, [COMPANY NAME REDACTED] is offering a $1,000 bounty for clear video footage of live baby birth to use in its ad, announcing the birth of its website & service on Feb 3. "

Why was the company name redacted? Because I'm not playing along this year, that's why. I'm calling this what it is: a stunt. I doubt seriously this company has a Super Bowl ad. I wonder if this company can afford a Super Bowl ad. Oh no. This is an attempt to get media attention now. And, then, when the network refuses to run footage of a baby bursting forth from a vagina during the big game, the company can cry foul, claim censorship and scandal and try to get more media play out of it.

Perhaps the most ridiculous thing in a really ridiculous press release is the line: "Please, no media inquiries."

Right. That's why you posted it on Business Wire.

Perhaps I should take colleague Matt Creamer's suggestion and offer a $10,000 reward for the head of the PR person responsible for this release.
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