Super Bowl Spots Don't Do Much for Stock Price

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A correction has been made in this story. See below for details.

SAN FRANCISCO ( -- Does success in the Super Bowl ad game translate into success on Wall Street? Apparently not.

An unscientific look at the marketers who advertised in the Super Bowl found that, with two exceptions, stocks of Super Bowl advertisers dropped by the time the market closed Monday. Of course, it wasn't surprising given most of the major stock indices recorded a loss the day after the Super Bowl. Some think it was a correction due to Friday's gains. Then again, it could have been too many hangovers among New York brokers out celebrating the Giants' victory the night before.

In any case, so much money is spent on the ads -- the production price tag for Coke's giant balloon fight over Manhattan reportedly was an estimated $2 million -- and it costs so much to air a spot ($2.7 million this year) would it kill just a few of the 97.5 million who watch the commercials to go on eTrade like that barfing baby did and buy a share or two?

Well, only two marketers scored in the Super Bowl ad bowl, and in the market on Monday. P&G, whose ads for Tide to Go, won one of three 3.5 top ratings from Advertising Age critic Bob Garfield and ranked No. 10 on the USA Today ad meter, saw its stock price rise 36 cents to $66.50 at market close. The second was Coca-Cola, which had a pair of ads in the show. The well-received dueling balloon spot involved a fight for a Coke bottle balloon over Manhattan between Family Guy's Stewie and Underdog. Coke's stock was up 70 cents to $61.70. That spot ranked No. 7 in the USA Today Ad Meter. Garfield gave it a lackluster review, but three stars.

Anheuser Busch, which won accolades for its spots on the Super Bowl this year and consistently over the years, didn't score in the market, down 92 cents to $47.14*. FedEx, the No. 2 pick on the USA Today ad meter behind Anheuser Busch, also was down $1.67 to $91.75.

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*CORRECTION: Due to a typo, an earlier version of this post had A-B's stock price at $7.14.
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