Now You, Too, Can Talk Like an Subliterate Jerk

Ad Addictionary Allows Users to Learn Moronic AdSpeak!

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It's one thing for business folk to throw around words and phrases like "paradigm" and "outside the box" and "at the end of the day." It's another when too-clever-by-half creative sorts start making up fake words because they were too lazy to use perfectly normal English. My biggest peeve: Concepting. Hey, you tool, there's already a verb form of concept. It's conceive. I guess that's the sort of genius we can expect from people who sit around conversating (talking) and ideating (what passes for thinking). Don't let my own typos hide the fact I was a former English teacher and copy editor!

Anyhoo, now there's a dictionary so that we proper English speakers -- should we find ourselves trying to decipher "communication" coming from this sort of person -- can translate. The Advertiser Addictionary "is a wiki-ish website of user-generated content, a constantly growing collection of real and made-up advertising-related words and terms. Some are relatively new but commonly used, like 'millennials' and 'permission marketing.' Others have been created solely for the purpose of a pitch or even just to entertain the creatives during the ad-making process."
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