How to Know If Your Tampon Brand Is Really, Really Sorry

J&J's O.B. Pulls Out All the Stops for Soulful Serenade Aimed Specifically at You

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Hey! Go get your own apology!
Hey! Go get your own apology!
Now this is what you call an apology.

It looks like Johnson & Johnson's O.B. tampon brand has bowed to an outcry from loyal users of its Ultra product to return it to store shelves in Canada. And it's doing so with this rather humorous, over-the-top personalized musical and video apology. There is nothing like seeing your very own name on a tattoo, greeting card and in sky writing to let you know that your tampon brand really does care and deeply regrets leaving you in the lurch.

O.B. was off shelves in the U.S. and Canada with all products late last year, returning to distribution earlier this year on most, except for its Ultra line. The brand had originally said last year it planned to discontinue Ultra, but in September bowed to a persistent outcry from loyalists who wanted Ultra returned.

The move sparked an outcry that led some women to launch a website -- -- and call for a boycott of all J&J products, claiming the move aimed to steer women toward a surgical treatment for heavy menstrual flow offered by J&J's Ethicon unit. Remaining boxes of O.B. Ultra have sold for as much as $80 on eBay, more than 20 times the retail price.

A J&J spokeswoman couldn't immediately reach executives for comment, but notices on both the U.S. and Canada websites say the brand plans to bring the Ultra product back.

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