Target Employees Push Back Against Black Midnight Opening

Petition Asks Opening Be Moved to 5 a.m.; Over 17,000 Signatures So Far

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Looking to squeeze every last possible drop out of Black Friday, many retailers this year have decided to open stores at midnight after families have finished gorging on Thanksgiving turkey. We've said the move looks like the worst of consumerism and may strike consumers as black-hearted -- and will definitely strike retail employees as such. Well, the first of the blowback has begun.

The Consumerist picks up a story from CBS in Detroit about Target employees starting a petition asking that opening be pushed to 5 a.m. on Friday morning. The creators of the petition are seeking 50,000 signatures and already closing in on 20,000. With that many signatures, it's obvious that these aren't only Target employees signing the petition.

Retailers embracing Black Midnight have said they're responding to consumer pressure. We'll see how this plays out and if Target feels like it needs to respond to the petition.

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