Why Bother With a New Concept When You Can Just 'Borrow' One?

Great Moments in Real-Estate Advertising: The Great American Ad Heist

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The art for this ad looks strikingly familiar.
The art for this ad looks strikingly familiar.
Hello, I'm a blogger, and I'm a ... IMPRESSED! Wow, this is smart, guys, very smart. If you play your cards right, you might be able to ride this all the way through this iPhone craze. In fact, I just got off the phone with the folks over at TBWA, and they wanted me to congratulate you on a great ad heist. Stay tuned; they think you might really be interested in lifting their next campaign for McDonald's.

But, before you move on to your next great knockoff, let me tell you what sold me on this concept: 1) Rather than stick it to the competition, you went the classy route and left "I'm a PC" in there. Brilliant choice! I mean, why not beat up on PC? They don't compete with you. Plus, Apple's already pinned them on the ground; all you need to do is offer a couple of dropkicks and they're out. 2) Evidently you guys stayed awake in Branding 101, proven by your use of a symbol instead of your name. Works for Nike (and they're really smart), so why wouldn't it work for you? And, if the majority of the world doesn't get it, well, who cares, right? After all, you're "smart agents" with "smarter clients."

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