Teacher Selling Ad Space on Tests?

Educators Apparently Don't Follow Failed Ad Trends

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Obviously, San Diego teacher Tom Farber hadn't read about all the hot water McDonald's spilled in its lap when it tried to advertise on report cards. Otherwise he would know that his decision to sell advertising space to fund his copying charges is only going to draw out the busybodies, naysayers and advocacy groups. Heck, readers of the USA Today story have only to wait until the fifth paragraph before you-know-who shows up:
That worries Robert Weissman, managing director of Commercial Alert, a Washington-based nonprofit that fights commercialization in school and elsewhere.
No doubt Mr. Weissman would rather Mr. Farber do it the old-fashioned way -- pay for it out of his meager teacher's salary. Or I'm sure cash-strapped taxpayers, after bailing out the likes of AIG and Citi, would be thrilled to kick in a little more of their property taxes -- especially in California. After all, we wouldn't want our precious youth to be seeing ad messages. We do such a good job of keeping them away from ads
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