Ten Ad-Related FaceBook Groups

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There's a group for everything on Facebook, including "fans" of advertising. And unlike the losers in Second Life, some of these people manage to have a sense of humor.

  1. Support Mooninite advertising.
  2. I work in direct marketing but tell everyone else it's advertising.
  3. Cadbury Gorilla ad appreciation group.
  4. I wish the fake show "Tiny House" on that Geico Commercial were a real show.
  5. When I found out there was an arrow in the Fed Ex logo, it blew my mind.
  6. All these commercials for Sonic, yet you can never find one.
  7. Embedded advertising makes me want to punch babies.
  8. Viral marketing is better than crack.
  9. I joined Facebook so marketers could spy on me.
  10. People who have noticed that Jared from the Subway commercials is getting fat again.
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