I'll Testify That 'Tastify' Made Me Less Hungry

Ironic Hipsterism Is not Appetizing

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Watching the below spot for Pot Noodle, from Mother, London, I found myself not wanting to try Pot Noodle. Now, I'm no food snob. I'm one of probably four people who have braved the Ramen in the company vending machine. No, it's just the spot is unappealing in every way. But thanks to this spot, I now realize why the Skittles spots that received all those raves never did much for me: I think hipsters are disgusting and I don't want them near my food. I've eaten street food from Thailand to Brazil, but hipsters? Nuh-uh. And this spot, though it's meant to be some sort of play on "High School Musical," has a strong whiff o' hipster about it.

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