Text Your Heart Out, Sidekick

LG's Got The Game To Beat

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T-Mobile's Sidekick must be kicking itself right now with jealousy: LG is promoting its enV phone with a National Texting Championship.

That's right, East Coasters have been invited to prove their thumb-dexterity and digital prowess on April 21 for a chance to go up against the West Coast champ and possibly win $25,000 towards future carpal tunnel surgery. In any case, it should be a real, rip-roaring event to watch. Here's how it gets played:

[P]layers will compete in Pools and be asked to type phrases on their enV / V handsets exactly as they appear with no typos or abbreviations. The first player in each Pool who sends an error-free message to the right contact will advance to the next round. As game play continues, the phrases to be texted will increase in difficulty.

As if that was a difficult idea to come up with. But, oh yeah, you can only participate if you already have an enV or V with Verizon Wireless service. Suddenly, all the sales and awareness LG could have gotten from this promo just plummeted.
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