Thai Leader's Rachael Ray Act Costs Him His Job

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When dictators talk about fearing the power of free media as a political tool, they probably didn't have in mind the scenario facing Thailand's Prime Minister Samak Sundaravej.

After a two-week standoff, thousands of demonstrators in Thailand claimed victory Sept. 9, when Samak was removed from office. But he wasn't forced out by the activists who took over the grounds of his office, or by a military coup like his predecessor Thaksin Shinawatra or even by the numerous charges of corruption levied against him.

A leader known for his love of food was brought down by a cooking show.

Government ministers in Thailand are barred from working for private companies while in office. Samak was paid for appearances on "Tasting and Complaining," including some after he took office earlier this year.

Apparently, in Asia, a big appetite can cost more than a hefty bill and a few extra pounds.
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