Build a Better Shopping Cart: A Few Suggestions for Online Retailers

Sure, It's Profane, but It's Practical Business Advice

By Published on . has a great poster offering tips on "How to Make Your Shopping Cart Suck Less." It's a year old, but it's new to us (and to BoingBoing, where we found it).

It's also loaded with profanity and sick, sick humor. This is fine by us, but we understand some readers are of a more sensitive constitution. Because of that --and because we're not The Huffington Post -- we're going to force you to go to to read this bit of marketing genius.

Profanity and internet-expiration dates aside, the poster -- which takes aim at hand-crafted CAPTCHA code, Session Expired pages and annoying surveys -- should be required reading for anyone entering the online retail space with an eye toward not thoroughly frustrating a consumer thisclose to spending hard-earned dollars on your site.

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