Seven Things to Know About Josh Rabinowitz, Star of Apple's Genius Bar Ads

And We Saved the, Uh, Best, for Last

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Josh Rabinowitz in one of Apple's recent 'Genius Bar' ads.
Josh Rabinowitz in one of Apple's recent 'Genius Bar' ads.

A lot of folks are wondering what those Apple "Genius Bar" ads were all about, given they seem to have come and gone in a flash. Chief among the head-scratchers might be the star of the ads, a 24-year-old comedian named Josh Rabinowitz.

In what feels like yet another sign that the ads won't be seen again, his reps had this to say to us yesterday: "Josh is not doing any Apple-related interviews, just interviews pertaining to the rest of his career."

For the young Rabinowitz, who's only been performing comedy for a few years, his biggest brush with fame so far was undoubtedly the trio of commercials he did for the Olympics. But it wasn't his first brush with the ad industry altogether; as it happens, he was the host for local awards show that I judged last year up in Maine. Given that his star is rising -- Mr. Rabinowitz is touring with Comedy Central -- even if we don't see him reappear in an Apple spot, it's likely not the last we'll see of him.

Here are seven things you should know about him. We saved the, er ... best, for last.

1. Rabinowitz didn't only play a genius in the commercials, he's a smartypants in real life.

He began performing stand-up comedy in the City of Brotherly Love, Philly, while attending the University of Pennsylvania.

2. He has a hairy chest.

(At least that 's what his CollegeHumor profile says anyway).

3. You may recognize him from TV.

Rabinowitz appeared on the 2nd season of "Louie," the original series on FX starring comedian Louis C.K.

4. He's not so much into the Twitter.

While he does have a page on the social network, he's just merely wading into the waters at this point. As his bio indicates, he "Just started Twitter on 11/6/11" and so far has 30 tweets. But he does have an IMDB profile, which is his line of work is probably more valuable.

5. Rabinowitz isn't fond of perform comedy in front of friends or family.

In an interview with the site "Super Dudes Power Show," he stated that it adds too much pressure. "I feel weird performing for them when they know me so well," Rabinowitz said. "Because with the strangers in the audience, it's about establishing who you are with them from nothing, and then my friends and family come knowing a lot of information already about me. In a big crowd, it's fine to have them, but in a small crowd, it feels weird. And if I were to bomb in front of them, I'd feel much worse than I would normally."

6. Fans of his comedy are likely an eclectic bunch.

When searching for tickets for one of Rabinowitz's shows on Ticketmaster, the site indicated that customers who searched for his tickets also looked for tickets to see K.D. Lang, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Madonna and a Christmas Carol.

7. He's got tips on how and where to pleasure yourself.

A few years ago, Rabinowitz penned an article for College Humor that outlined the best locales for masturbation. He suggests that on an RV vacation, the top bunk is where you wanna be.

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