Yeah. Right. It Was the Ad That Ended Tiger's Marriage

Media Cracks Mystery, Finds the Real Culprit

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So lemme get this straight.

Tiger Woods -- the world's most famous golfer, and a husband and father -- months ago landed smack-dab in the middle of a massive sex scandal that connected him to romps with orange-lipsticked mistresses in the double digits. It was a list that included porn stars, party girls and lingerie models, and we saw his lurid text messages and transcripts of phone calls to them.

All told, Woods' actions caused one of the biggest PR nightmares marketers have faced in recent memory and easily one of the most embarrassing public torturings any wife has ever had to endure. But we're to believe that it was last week's black-and-white Nike commercial from Wieden & Kennedy that rolled out a day ahead of the Masters that has Woods' wife, Elin Norgreden, finally asking a divorce?

I repeat. THE AD??

I sure don't believe it, but that's precisely how all manner of media outlets in the last 24 hours -- questionable and reputable alike -- have been positioning the cause of the divorce. If you're to believe what they're pushing, Elin was, ya know, pretty miffed with Tiger over the whole sex-addict thing, but it was her distaste of Wieden's creative work that really did him in. Come again?

Case in point, this ABC News headline: "Is Tiger Woods' Marriage on the Line Over Nike Ad?" The accompanying story, which, unsurprisingly quotes People magazine says, "Elin was violently angry over this commercial and thought it was a cheesy thing to do." (Violently angry? Considering her rage last time, someone should probably make sure Woods is still alive.)

I've gathered a sampling of similar headlines and stories around the globe. I'm sharing them here so that you can revel in the ridiculousness of it all with me.

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