Tillman the Wonderdog Skates From YouTube to Real Ads

Armstrong Flooring Spot Boards Write Into Our Hearts

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Michael Learmonth noted yesterday that American Apparel and ESPN are among those marketers who've had ads placed against the YouTube video of Tillman the skateboarding bulldog. Well, Armstrong Flooring wasn't just content to run some ads against the video. The marketer, along with agency BBDO, New York, decided to create its own spot with a skateboarding bulldog.

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The spot features said bulldog scrabbling across what appears to be Armstrong's Artesian Classics Color Wash in Birch Natural. (No, we're not flooring experts; the Armstrong website tells us this is what the spot features.) In the commercial, the dog is referred to as "Charlie," but we thought his body and skating style all indicate that he may indeed be Tillman.

Guess what? He totally is Tillman. A rep for BBDO, New York, confirmed this afternoon. Well, that's enough hard-hitting investigative journalism from me for one week.

By the way, if you want to book Tillman, here's his website.

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