Time Magazine Just Ripping Us Off Left and Right

One of These Things Is a Lot Like the Other One

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Listen, Time magazine. We tried to explain that when we named "YOU" as our agency of the year right after you named "YOU" person of the year that it was all an accident. We'd been planning that even before your cover story came out and there was no turning back. We're sorry. OK? But there's no need for you to stalk us now. Just last week you dropped your list issue -- which just happened to coincide with our world-famous Book of Tens. And now, you're biting on our little sibling Creativity. Creativity had Shepard Fairey do a Barack Obama cover way back in October. And what do you do for your Person of the Year issue? You tap Shepard Fairey to do a Barack Obama cover. But that wasn't enough. You had to one up Creativity by posting a video of Fairey rambling on about art and zeitgeist or whatnot but ... oh ... wait They have a video too!

(Editor's note: Yes, I know I sound like one of those paranoid conspiracy loons who thinks the muses drop down out of the clouds and delivers secret pearls of genius to our staff in the dark of the night and when something similar shows up elsewhere, it's because we've been infiltrated ... by SPIES! Yes, this is all meant to be a joke. Yes, it makes me tired that I have to explain these things in really small words.)

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