Here's the Time and Temperature to Go With That Toilet

Cemusa, Van Wagner Provide New Yorkers With More Convenience!

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Who needs Rolexes when you have ads to tell the time for you? That's the message New Yorkers seem to be getting with new features on outdoor ads from Cemusa and Van Wagner.

Cemusa, otherwise known as the company that bestowed the Big Apple with bus shelters and its first paid public toilet, has been testing out ads with LCD screens that read the time and temperature on 20 of its shelters, with the advertiser getting additional name placement above their static ad. One particular shelter near the Adages HQ on 42nd Street features an ad with time-and-temperature display for iShares, which Cemusa CEO Susan Baron says "draws your eyes to the advertisement and at the same time provides a great public service by showing the time and temperature."

Van Wagner, meanwhile, has been installing new digital frames for its billboards, dubbed "aprons," at a rate of 30 per week in the New York area for frantic commuters. "Our thinking is it's a way for commuters and passengers to use it as a time post," says Richard Schaps, CEO of Van Wagner. "If I got off the L.I.E. at 7:03, I'll start making a habit of looking to check what the time and temperature is on a daily basis."

Rest of the U.S.A.: don't fret. Similar frames are also being rolled out in Chicago, Boston and, later this year, Los Angeles. The City of Angels is expected to take a bit longer though, Mr. Schaps said, so as not to offend any color purists. "L.A. is a little more complicated because our signs out there have all been painted brown. I'm afraid the stainless steel aluminum does not go with brown."
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