Just in Time for Thanksgiving: Pro-Palin Ads

PAC Thanks Her for Her Service

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The Our Country Deserves Better Committee wants to thank Sarah Palin. And it would like you to consider thanking Sarah Palin, too. That's why it's releasing a series of ads -- one 30-second ad and two 60-second ads -- thanking the Republican vice presidential candidate who became the media's favorite punching bag and the rallying point for gun-and-god-clinging (to borrow an offensive phrase from a certain president-elect) voters across the land. (Spots after the jump)

Our Country Deserves Better has one mission: "to defeat Barack Obama in the 2008 presidential election." That didn't work out so well. Still, they'd like to thank Miss Palin. According to the group, "time has been bought or is being bought on national cable (Fox News and CNN) and Alaska network affiliates (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX)." It's also trying to find time during CBS's coverage of football on Thursday.

For now the spots have just been released to the media, no doubt so we can run them for free. Hey, I'm feeling charitable. Here's the Thanksgiving :30:

And a 60-second spot:

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