Every Time Vick Is Sacked, a Doggy Gets a Treat

Rescue Shelter's Promotion Good for Pit Bulls -- and Newspapers

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The Philadelphia Eagles probably hoped the controversy over signing convicted animal torturer Michael Vick would fade once the season started, but one animal-rights group intends to keep hounding the quarterback, according to an article on Philly.com.

Main Line Animal Rescue is encouraging animal lovers in cities where the Birds are playing to visit shelters during game time. And it's pledging to donate five pounds of dog food to local shelters every time Vick is tackled. It had planned to use billboards to make its intentions known, but has opted for newspaper ads instead.

No dummies, the Eagles did their best to put a positive spin Vick's signing, and rolled out their own dog-fighting awareness initiative. But the organization is keeping mum on Main Line's ad, which ran today in a special section in The Washington Post.

Main Line founder Bill Smith said the group wants to raise money and awareness, not bash the quarterback. "We're not stupid," Smith told Philly.com. "We're using Michael Vick to get attention." He added that "we're all really tired" of the controversy. And, he said, Vick's paid his debt to society and "has a right to have a job."

Well, there's still some debate about that. But maybe the much-maligned pit bulls get a little extra love, and newspapers pick up some spare change.

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