Tipsy Turkey Brought to You by Georgi Vodka

How Your Thanksgiving Features Are Made

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I just knew something was off while I was reading a New York Post story about an Irish bar in Manhattan serving up drunken turkey for Thanksgiving. The story starts off believable enough: "The owner of a Midtown pub is serving Wild Turkey with a twist -- for Thanksgiving, he's soaking his holiday birds with booze." But then we get to the malarkey.

First, we learn that the turkey is being soaked in vodka. But not just any vodka. Two sentences in, "100-proof Georgi vodka" is name-dropped. No bourbon, no Scotch, no Irish whisky. Nope. Vodka. Georgi vodka at that. Nothing screams class like Georgi-soaked turkey. But it gets even better: "The owner of O'Casey's Tavern on East 41st Street, said his mother came up with the idea in Ireland 15 years ago. 'On Christmas, my mom said, "Why not try some vodka in the turkey?" '

My, what a charming holiday story. And then I came into the office to find a press release crowing (or gobbling?!) about Georgi Vodka's Thanksgiving turkey. There was even a press event this morning to unveil the besotted birds! Even better, the press release tries to drum up some controversy by ... well, by calling the idea controversial and dragging MADD into a fight. "Mothers Against Drunk Driving had concerns about this delight during it's concept," said the release. Right. Because people just pile into their cars on Thanksgiving to drive to an Irish bar in Manhattan to load up on vodka-infused turkey.

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