'Tis the Season: Political Ads (Part 7)

Spitzer Outguns Faso in New York

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Eliot Spitzer isn't the sort to rest on his laurels or a huge lead in the polls. Perhaps that's why he seems to have six times as many commercials as John Faso in the New York Governor's race.

Eliot Spitzer, the new sheriff in town

Sure, Eliot Spitzer will send you to jail ... unless you're a Democrat or a friend:

Spitzer remembers a grander New York ... and, apparently, Ronald Reagan's "Morning in America" spot:

John Faso says Spitzer will steal money from the children

Not so fast! Spitzer says he's all about the tax cuts

Spitzer's also got a to-do list

John? You out there, buddy? Any more ads? (If a reader finds more of the Faso ads, please do send them in).

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