'Tis the Season: Political Ads (Part 8)

Fish Sticks in Ohio and Lies in Kentucky

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Ohio and Kentucky seem like nice places, right? But some of the nastiest, cussingest, meanest, low-down advertising I've seen yet is coming out of the valley. Children are being tazered for the love of God!

John Cranley will electrocute your children!

While Steve Chabot snacks on shrimp, working families are forced to eat fish sticks:

According to this ad, which was apparently pulled, John Cranley will throw the doors wide open for the Mexicans"

Steve Chabot is helping George Bush steal your Social Security

Meanwhile, in another Ohio race, Victoria Wulsin says Jean Schmidt is an embarrassment:

And Jean Schmidt says? We don't know. No pro-Jean Schmidt ads on YouTube. Get with it Jean!

Wow. In Kentucky, Geoff Davis sure has an odd way of "supporting the troops":

Pffft, says Davis. That Ken Lucas will say ANYTHING to get elected:

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