'Tis the Season: This Year's Political Ads

All the Talked-About Spots in One Convenient Place

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Tired of surfing 50 blogs or having to suffer through screeching-cat videos to find this year's most talked-about political commercials? Well, we're here to help. We've been trolling through YouTube and collecting commercials. Click on one of the links below or simply start scrolling. Keep checking back as we continue to update the list. And feel free to email us your favorites.

Part 1 (Stem cells and David Zucker) | Part 2 (Ford vs. Corker) | Part 3 (The National Front) | Part 4 (Massachusetts and Rhode Island) | Part 5 (Man of Steele) | Part 6 (Crazy in Connecticut) | Part 7 (Spitzer Outguns Faso in New York) | Part 8 (Electrocuting Children in Ohio) | Part 9 (Garden State Mudslingers) | Part 10 (Virginia Ain't for Lovers)

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