TiVo Proof? Maybe. Spoof Proof? Definitely Not.

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NBC is taking a chance on live spots once again in an attempt to foil the TiVo-wielding public. It may seem like a 1950s throwback, but I don't think that's the most of their worries.

Per WSJ: For "Tonight Show" viewers, Garmin's ad will be hard to miss. The skit will appear shortly before the show is due to go to its second commercial break, and "Tonight Show" host Jay Leno will toss to the commercial. At that point, Mr. Leno's announcer, John Melendez, will don a lab coat -- with Garmin's logo on it -- and mock-seriously discuss the perils of "Direction Disorder" -- men's reluctance to ask for directions, according to the script for the ad.

Let's discuss the possibilities: 1) DVR users will see this as the tip-off to push the dreaded FF button; 2) a mock-serious ad on a show know for the occasional mock-serious skit or two? Garmin's known, but not that well-known; 3) This is the network famous for mock-serious ads: SNL's Happy Fun Ball, anyone?

Pardon me while I mockingly take this seriously.
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