Toilet-Paper Bow Is Not a Statement on the Economy

Charmin's Times-Square Toilets Return for Holidays

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Procter & Gamble Co. is wrapping its annual gift to the people of New York City and the global tourist/shopper class in a faux bow of toilet-paper as it prepares to unveil the latest version of Charmin's holiday Times Square toilets.

Past iterations of the Times Square potties, which debuted in 2006, have included Chuck E. Cheese-style singing Charmin bears, couches for lounging, refreshments, and, of course, very clean bathroom facilities stocked and sanitized with P&G products. Each year has been a gift that keeps on giving for the brand, which has spawned a growing residue of YouTube videos and raves from visitors.

Charmin will lift the lid on the potties Nov. 24, a few days before Thanksgiving, though it had previously opened the facilities on Black Friday.

A spokesman promises some new, yet-to-be-unveiled details and consumer-delighting services for the 2008 edition, in addition to the usual deluxe focus on job one, and two. But, despite the seeming expectation created by the current exterior motif, he discounted the possibility of offering gift wrap for visitors. "I don't know about gift wrap," he said.
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