The Tracy Awards: A Show Designed to 'Celebrate' Crapvertising

Organizers Looking for Submissions

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I don't know why I didn't think of this myself (aside from it resembling work), but a Utah-based ad agency is launching an awards show with the aim of looking for the "worst in advertising." Crowell Advertising, Salt Lake City, Utah, has kicked off The Tracy Awards.

I don't know anything about Crowell (clients include Harmons grocery stores, Blue Healthcare Bank and Tobacco Free Utah), but I'll say this much: The shop knows how to start a press release:

Ever see advertising that's so horrendous, you wish you could somehow get back at whoever made it by burning down their house and nominating them for an award of some sort for bad advertising?

According to Nina Johnson Lynch, "We were sitting in our board room laughing about all of the awards shows popping up these days. So, we thought in the spirit of competition, why not create a contest celebrating the worst in advertising." The name comes from agency leader Tracy Crowell.

"Our agency isn't looking to take the front seat here, we're just creating the forum," she added. Indeed, they half expect that someone, somewhere, will nominate some of Crowell's own work -- which should be fun to explain to the clients.

The agency promises that "all ads that win Tracys will be nationally publicized as The Worst Advertising of 2009." Submissions can be made through mid-October.

If you want to keep up with some of the submissions -- and offer your own criticisms -- you can do so at the Cream of the Crap page. The faux WWF ad from DDB Brasil was top of the pile at one point this week, but now the list seems dominated by PSAs. Oh, and this ad for Barilla.

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