Whole-Train Graffiti: Art or Monopoly Promo?

And By Toy, We Don't Mean the Ad Agency

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I can't imagine Rudy Giuliani letting this one fly, but it seems that an entire R Train here in New York has been "tagged."
Photo courtesy of MUL
Photo courtesy of MUL
Highlights of the piece include the phrases "Made U Look" across the whole train and "Cash is King" on the front, as well as the Monopoly Man.

We first noticed the site through Gawker, which is following it through Razor Apple, which got its photos from the Made U Look website.

Razor Apple's now wondering, due to some ISP tracking, if the NYPD might somehow be involved with all of this. Forget that. The question is which marketer is behind this and how much did they pay Mike Bloomberg and the MTA to pull it off. After all, pay careful attention to the wording in Q&A exchange between Razor Apple and a Made U Look "spokesman."

With the assistance of people, who we cannot acknowledge, we were able to gain access and have plenty of time to create this magnificent art peace. It was well funded and many parties were involved.

Or perhaps they were funded by art groups. Either way, Rudy G. would not be pleased. Battling graffiti was a key component of the "broken-window" policy, so selling out to a company to deface a train would have been a no-no. And he hated arts groups.
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