Looks Like Arnell Got Tropicana's Feng Shui Wrong

Juice Giant Will Discontinue New Packaging

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Out with the new, back with the old.
Out with the new, back with the old.
It looks like Tropicana's new packaging went over like a warm can of New Coke. Outcry from angered OJ fans (let that phrase sink in: "angered OJ fans") has led the company to discontinue the new packaging introduced last month. According to The New York Times:
The PepsiCo Americas Beverages division of PepsiCo is bowing to public demand and scrapping the changes made to a flagship product, Tropicana Pure Premium orange juice. Redesigned packaging that was introduced in early January is being discontinued, executives plan to announce on Monday, and the previous version will be brought back in the next month.
Why Tropicana thought it was a good idea to ditch one of the most elegant and simple brand portrayals ever created is beyond me. It's a damn hard thing to differentiate yourself in the orange juice aisle and that orange with a straw sticking out it was near genius. Maybe Peter Arnell invited Tropicana execs over for a drumming circle in a sweat lodge and dropped a 25-page document citing the Mayan calendar and talking about tantric rhythms. Hell, maybe peyote was involved, too!

To be fair, Arnell also created the new ad campaign, which Tropicana is keeping. And the little orange-shaped cap designed for the new packaging is being kept as well.

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