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YouTube Video Awards Announced

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The winners of the 2006 YouTube Video Awards were announced today. Rock group OKGo's video for "Here It Goes Again" took home the award for Most Creative.

On the off chance you've been living under a rock, here's what that looks like:

But for some perspective, try this on for size:

OK Go's video has been viewed more times than "Vote Different," and all the various remixes of former Sen. George Allen's "macaca moment" combined. Throw in all the mash-ups of Sen. Ted Stevens' "series of tubes" speech last summer, and OK Go still comes out on top. But "Here It Goes Again" is still more than 30 million hits behind the most popular video in the history of YouTube: "Evolution of Dance."

Oddly enough, though OKGo's music video won for best creative, it didn't win for ... best music video. But I'm not here to question the YouTube community's taste. OK, maybe I am. After all, the video they selected for Best Comedy was far from, you know, funny.

Ask a Ninja won for Best Series. LonelyGirl, perhaps due to backlash -- or perhaps because she's annoying -- came in fourth.

But I can agree with the winner of the Most Adorable category. Check it out.

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