Getting Twitter Followers: You're Doing It Wrong

You'd Think Communication 'Professionals' Would Know Better

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It always amazes me the amount of ridiculously bad pitches and communications attempts that we get. Mistakes are made in content, tone and approach. (Everyone should immediately read B.L. Ochman's post on Web 2.0 etiquette, by the way.) Typically, we just throw them out. But some are worth a curt reply to the guilty. A typical response reads like so: "My name is not Kevin, I don't work for AdWeek and I don't care that your mom just named you the best ad agency in Topeka." Then there are those who must be called out in this space as an example of what never, ever to do. Case in point: send out an e-mail blast to your data base asking them to follow you on Twitter. We've withheld the names of the guilty parties not so much out of kindness, but rather so that we don't accidentally send followers their way, thus rewarding bad behavior. Aside from the redactions, nothing has been changed.
Dear Communicator‚
Are you on Twitter by any chance?
I am writing to ask if you'd follow me. I know: It sounds a bit cultish. But hey‚ I gotta walk the talk‚ don't I?
I promise not to pester you with boring tweets.
This link will take you to my page. Just hit "follow" under my picture.
I hope all is well with you‚

P.S. Are you coming to our [redacted] conference in Chicago this May? Is anyone else from your company?

P.P.S. As always‚ I'm looking for story ideas for [redacted]. Let me know if you guys have made any breakthroughs in your comms department‚ OK? Just hit "reply" to this message to get by the usual gatekeepers.
There are more creative, less obvious ways to try to juice Twitter numbers, folks.

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