Twyla, Twyla, Twyla

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As I mentioned last week, I caught Andy Plesser getting jiggy with Twyla Tharp in a Google video. Andy said he'd explain it all to me at a shindig over the weekend, but as a native Louisiana boy, Saturday found me whipping up a pot of red beans in rice to appease the Cajun gods in order to ensure a Saints win over the Eagles (the gods were pleased).

At any rate, Andy starts to explain what's going on here in a post on Andy, of course, is a big booster of the blogosphere and technology and the arts, so it's not much of a surprise that he's doing this. One of his major points in what's set to be a week-long conversation with Tharp is as follows:

The appreciation of the performing arts will explode with Internet video. It's already starting to happen. YouTube, Google, Revver and other video sites are hosting wonderful ballet, opera, jazz, independent cinema and world music and dance of a vast variety.

These conversations might seem to be wading too deep into the philosophical end of the pool, but this -- in my humble opinion -- is where some marketers should be spending more time before they go rushing into spaces like the blogosphere and Second Life without completely understanding what it is they're doing. I think Scott Donaton's column about me-too-itis pairs well with this. The interwebs and all these shiny tools CAN transform marketing, society, the arts ... you name it. But people should actually learn how to use these tools before running around whacking people over the head with them.
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