U.K. PSA Will Make You Reconsider Texting (or Ill)

May Be the Best Way to Get Through to Dense People

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While I'm posting slightly stale video, I may as well share what's being called an anti-texting-while-driving spot from the U.K. It's actually not a "spot" -- this clip is too long for that -- but rather a half-hour drama created by Zipline Creative and Tred Films for the Gwent Police Authority, which wanted to battle texting while driving. I don't know what I find more amazing -- that people text while driving, that we need commercials to battle this or that there have actually been studies to prove that it's dangerous to look at a screen and type with your thumbs while operating a vehicle! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!? Anyway, here's a clip. If you can't handle the sight of blood or the sounds of snapping necks, you should probably steer clear. Perhaps this level of gore is the only way to get through the thick skull of the sort of person who would text while driving.

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