Unleash the Merchandise! Osama Bin Gotten by Obama

Name Similarity Once a Tool for Righties, Now Used by President's Supporters

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Sure there have been many a typo in the last 24 hours conflating Osama with Obama, but in the farther reaches of the right, the similarity of the names has proved a boon to sloganeers and bumper-sticker designers out to make a buck and insinuate (or shout) that the president was a secret Muslim. But, as the National Journal points out, what a difference a day makes.

"In the internet's economy of instant memorabilia, the link between Obama and Osama is now being embraced by Obama supporters (or at least the people thinking up tchotchke's for the President's supporters to buy). There is no doubt that Obama and Osama will now be linked for the foreseeable future. But it's now a bond Obama will likely be touting rather than evading."

But both Obama's supporters and detractors (in this case) have one thing in common. They really suck at design.

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