Urban Dictionary Has Ruined Every Flavor

Seems Every Adjective in English Has a Smutty Second Meaning

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So Proximo Spirits' Three Olives vodka took some abuse last week over its new "RangTang" flavor extension, which the marketer says signifies a concoction of orange and tangerine but Urban Dictionary says encompasses something else entirely.

Proximo VP-Marketing Elwyn Gladstone, who didn't return a call before the original item was published, caught up with us a day later.

No, he explained, Proximo did not know about RangTang's other meaning. And if it had, he assured us, it would have settled on a different name for the product.

But, he notes, many common flavors don't pass the Urban Dictionary test, either.

"If you look in Urban Dictionary, type in 'cherry' and see what turns up," he noted, before reading aloud the site's definition's for "cherry," "pineapple" and "ginger."

All three of those words, of course, are a lot more common than "RangTang."

"I think my point was good," said Mr. Gladstone.

Indeed, it was.

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