Can You Be 'Urban'? Yes Toucan!

Kellogg Street Wear Makes Its Debut

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Some days, I wonder how I ever got through life before Hamilton Nolan arrived at Gawker and started posting completely ridiculous stuff about brands and marketing. And by ridiculous, I mean totally cool: like this new line of Kellogg cereal-themed street wear from Under the Hood. Really, it has to be seen to be believed. And, yes, the model is wearing a Toucan Sam shirt as well as black baggy jeans sporting Froot Loops branding on the back pockets. I'm finding it really hard to decide between the Froot Loops line and the Honey Smacks line. Dig 'em always did have a little bit of a hip-hop vibe. Frosted Flakes is cool, but it just seems Tony the Tiger is trying too hard. Be sure to click through either Gawker or Under the Hood to get a full view of the duds in all their glory.
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