Valerie Bertinelli on Whores, Health Care and Spitzer's Junk

Star Lets Fly at Ladies Home Journal Luncheon

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Former "One Day At A Time" star Valerie Bertinelli told Ladies' Home Journal she's in discussions with Paramount for a talk show. And boy, can she talk. Though as effervescent and engaging in person as she appears to be on TV, she is a lot more outspoken and fiery than her waif-like appearance might indicate.

At an LHJ "Never Underestimate the Power of a Woman" lunch honoring the author of the bestseller "Losing It," the Village Voice's Michael Musto breezed in late, prompting Editor in Chief Diana Salvatore to comment that he was there "for the Eliot Spitzer jokes." But the discussion turned really lively when the actress started going on about infidelity and, more specifically, that she blamed Sptizer's call girl, who she referred to as a "whore" for fraternizing with married men. [Editor's note: It should be pointed out that Ashley Dupre is also, technically speaking, a whore for selling sex.] Bertinelli acknowledged that some people might call her a hypocrite, because she admitted in her book to an affair while married to Eddie Van Halen, but said that she was very young and didn't really know better at the time.

The issue obviously hit a nerve with Bertinelli, who went on to call Monica Lewinsky "a bitch" (she admitted to voting for Hillary Clinton in the primaries). Somehow, however, her conviction was so passionate that it all came off rather, well, estimable. But it was Bertinelli's most provocative quote in the discussion over the public's fascination with the personal lives of politicians that got Musto scribbling: "I care more for health care," she said, "than I do about Eliot Spitzer's dick."
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