Even Vegas Is Tuning Out This Season's American Idol

Gambling Site 'Largely Ignoring' Show This Year

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We all know "American Idol" ratings are falling, but the true test of whether the show is burning out might just be this: Gamblers aren't betting on the winner.

Credit: Fox
Last week's results show pulled 19.4 million viewers, well down from the program's 30 million-viewer heyday. The networks might argue that's not a big deal (as Randy would say, it's just a little pitchy, dawg) when today's hot new metric is engagement. But by that measure "Idol" might be in worse trouble. After all, if you can't get gamblers to care, you've got a problem.

In fact, Gambling911.com, which tracks betting odds, said this year it is "largely ignoring" the show. "March, April and May were traditionally among our most-trafficked periods with 'American Idol' airing," said Senior Editor Payton O' Brien.

Not anymore. The bets aren't flowing freely over who will end up in this year's finale (though Adages would wager on Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze). In fact, the last big year for "Idol" on the Vegas and OTB circuit was Season 7, the one that crowned David Cook. Maybe this year's odds should instead be on the success of his upcoming album release. (Those we'll take.)

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