Is Verizon's 'Big Red' Spot Lost on the 'Yewts'?

'Kids' Likely Too Young to Remember Original Commercials

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I was cleaning my apartment last week -- or something that made me turn on the TV despite being in one of the other rooms -- when I heard a sound from my youth: the song from those Big Red commercials. It didn't necessarily strike me as odd until the second time I heard it. Had I slipped in the tub and gone back to the 1980s? Nope. It was the following spot for Verizon.

It's not a bad spot, even for something so meta. (How meta is it? There's even a man on a horse.) And undoubtedly it'll strike some sort of chord with Boomers and Gen-Xers. But it also made me sad. Why? Because, in one of my "Get off my lawn" moments, it occurred to me that kids these days -- and by kids, I mean anyone under 30 -- probably aren't going to recognize the source material. Dang kids. High on pot and acting goofy all the time. No respect for their elders. Great googely moogely!

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