Vice Finds Oil in L.A. for Palladium Boots

Latest Branded Content Effort For VBS.TV Looks Underground

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Building on previously branded programming efforts for clients like Wyborowa Wodka and Dell, Vice's has teamed up with Palladium Boots to show viewers there's apparently more to L.A. than meets the eye.

"Oil of L.A." pokes around the city, finding oil rigs in such glamorous locales as Beverly Hills High School, the Beverly Center Mall and the West L.A. Farmer's Market. Sure, parts of it reek a bit heavy of a certain Hipster Explorer vibe, and there are plenty of gratuitous boot shots, but there's no denying that seeing fake office buildings and sculpture mask oil rigs and learning one of L.A.'s largest oil fields was won in a coin toss, isn't pretty damn interesting.

Our biggest disappointment? No milkshake jokes.

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