Virtual Salesfolk?

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We love shopping online. We can do it when we want, wearing what we want and never have to feel pressured by a salesperson. But then again, when shopping online, you're usually left to decide which is more accurate: the product description written by the manufacturer or nasty reviews written by consumers with quite obvious rage issues.

Sometimes we DO want a salesman. But a good one. A no b-s type of guy or gal who'll give us the info and then leave us alone. This is why we sort of dig ShopWiki's latest foray: The Video Review.

Sayeth the copy: "Video reviews act as virtual salespeople guiding users through the shopping process. These videos star real people demonstrating a single product or category of products, while giving general commentary on their experiences. These are NOT commercials for products, personal videos or funny skits. Videos should give a focused, objective and informative description of a product or category."

Will it work over the long term? That, we don't know. But it was nice to be able to hear Paragon Sports salesman gives us the goods on a series of tennis rackets -- and then walk away without buying anything.
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