Visit the Ocean ... Before It's Too Late

Beach Town Takes Environmental Hysteria Seriously

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Ocean City, Maryland, which I visited once with college friends, has always had a special -- if slightly trashy -- place in my heart. After all, it's the place where I first tried scrapple. I even managed to keep it down -- no small feat considering how much I'd had to drink the night before. So it comes as no surprise that the little village by the sea has come out with a hilarious new campaign capitalizing on environmental fears.

But don't expect Al Gore to be smiling. The campaign -- created by MGH, Owing Mills, Md. -- urges tourists to visit the before the oceans boil away. The copy reads in part: "A recent study published in the Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society predicts the planet's oceans will evaporate in just one billion years. This is not the result of global warming, but rather, the natural effect of our planet being pulled toward an increasingly large sun."

Students of Mr. Gore will remember that global warming will cause the oceans to rise (for now, at any rate. Keep in mind that global warming is now known as climate change and according to some has the power to make snow, rain, scorching heat, volcanoes, tsunamis, earthquakes and may even be responsible for unicorns). Video and more after the jump!

The effort consists of print, video, word of mouth, radio and online and was created to grab consumers' attention and perhaps give them a chuckle during a slumping economy and high gas prices. Consumers are encouraged to visit not only Ocean City but the website

Funnily enough (or not so funnily, depending on your outlook), one media outlet contacted one of the authors of the study mentioned in the ad. "Klaus-Peter Schrder of the University of Guanajuato in Mexico, said in an e-mail to The Post that the earth's warming will make the oceans to expand before they boil. That will turn Ocean City into just Ocean, he says. 'That beach in the advert will disappear long before the 1 billion years are up,' he said." All the more reason to rush down to Ocean City before it's too late.

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