Vogue Chief Anna Wintour: 'I Don't Really Follow Market Research'

Talks With 'CBS Sunday Morning' to Promote New Vogue Archive

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Anna Wintour
Anna Wintour

Lest you have ever pictured Anna Wintour spending hours poring over data about household spending, unemployment patterns or what sells magazines, an upcoming segment of "CBS Sunday Morning" sets the record straight.

Clad in a tweed jacket, bedecked in brightly-colored jewels and, of course, sporting her trademark brunette bob, the Vogue editor spoke to CBS to promote the much-anticipated launch of the Vogue Archive. At a ballsy $1,575 subscription price, the archive allows users to pour through every issue since 1892, thousands of articles and images, and -- per The Wall Street Journal's calculations -- 300,000 ads.

In a clip, during which she only fleetingly makes eye contact with her interviewer, MTV News reporter turned CBS broadcast journo Serena Altshcul, Wintour says: "A great fashion picture obviously reflects the time just as much, you know, a New York Times headline does, and that 's what the archives really will show."

At one point Wintour dredges up one particularly memorable Vogue cover and takes the opportunity to toot her own horn a bit. "I remember getting quite a bit of criticism for my first Madonna cover, and it was, you know, 'She's not Vogue, and 'She'll never sell'. It was a little risky and it was up something extraordinary like 40% on the newsstands, so that was a eye-opener I think to all of us. ... I don't really follow market research and in the end I do respond to my own instincts."

Those instincts have served her mighty well thus far, but we do wonder where the instinct to strike up a friendship with Nicki Minaj might lead.

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