Voice of BP Twitter Parody Beats Industry With a Stick

Takes PR and Ad Agencies to Task for Talking Brand Rehabilitation at Time of Crisis

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Calling himself (or herself) Leroy Stick, the person responsible for @BPGlobalPR has written a blog post. In it, he (or she) puts the jokes aside and tells us how he really feels about what's going down. "The point of this story," it reads, "is that if someone is terrorizing your neighborhood, sometimes it's alright to grab a stick and take a swing." And swing he does.

"Why has this caught on? I think it's because people can smell the bullshit and sometimes laughing at it feels better than getting angry or depressed over it. At the very least, it's a welcome break from that routine. The reason @BPGlobalPR continues to grow is because BP continues to spew their bullshit. I've read a bunch of articles and blogs about this whole situation by publicists and marketing folk wondering what BP should do to save their brand from @BPGlobalPR. First of all, who cares? Second of all, what kind of business are you in? I'm trashing a company that is literally trashing the ocean, and these idiots are trying to figure out how to protect that company?"

It gets worse. But the whole thing is worth reading. Considering @BPGlobalPR has 100,000 followers and counting, agencies might want to resist the challenge of tackling BP's tarnished brand as a thought experiment. You might get oil on your own brand.

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