Wal-Mart PR: One Step Forward, Twenty Steps Back

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I'm starting to think Wal-Mart is buying its PR efforts from its own clearance bins. For every baby step it makes--pushing organics, pushing energy-efficient light-bulbs--it does something, well, just plain dumb. On the off chance you haven't heard about the fakery of now-defunct Wal-Marting Across America, Business Week has the story of two whacky kids who set out across America and stop at Wal-Marts along the way--an idea that Working Families for Wal-Mart, a group started by Wal-Mart's PR firm Edelman, liked so much that it decided to sponsor the trip and make it bigger. Oh, and those two whacky kids are actually free-lance journalists, by the way.

Wal-Mart Watch, of course, is all over this one like white on rice. Most relevant to our industry is this post which links to other bloggers slapping Edelman into next month for treating social media so, so wrong.
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