Wal-Mart's Perfect Customer Is A Nancy

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If you haven't heard about the Wal-Mart agency review by now, you should probably be focusing your reading time elsewhere. The gist is that the big box store is changing its tack and not only looking to get your general socks-and-detergent type shopper to go a little upscale with some of their other purchases.

Wal-Mart has also been rumored to be trying some more-upscale stores in general with wine selections and sushi in order to woo generally more-upscale customers.

So, explain to me then, the composite picture of the ideal customer Wal-Mart announced infomercial-style earlier this week. Washington Post's Frank Ahrens quotes her as being "a woman in her early 40s, lives in the suburbs and has 'several' children." Wal-Mart calls her "Nancy."

I realize that the $100,000 income level probably needs its socks and detergent, too, but can Nancy really encompass a Midwest sushi-trusting (let alone -eating), Wal-Mart wine-buying, one-stop-shopping kinda person? Is she also equal parts hispanic, African-American, Asian and caucasian? No, wait, that must be her rainbow coalition of kids.
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