Why Even Wal-Mart Can't Sell Lights

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Copy-catting a FastCompany piece that we linked to last year, The New York Times discovers that Wal-Mart--when not trying to crush the souls of the underclass--is trying to sell environmentally friendly light bulbs. (And don't think FastCompany didn't notice.)

But while the reporters might seem a bit mystified by the fact that the bulbs aren't flying off the shelves, one need only turn to consumers to find out the real reason. It's not that the bulbs are expensive or in short supply, it's that they, in a word, suck.

Blogger Jane Galt explains: "The problem is that after five minutes of sitting under a compact flourescent bulb, I feel like an extra in a Fellini film. I use one in the range hood, and if I had closet lights, I'd install them there. But there's no way I'm using them as my primary form of illumination unless legally forced to do so; it's just too murderously depressing. "
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