WaMu Loves It Some Chase

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The economy is, for the sake of brevity, in a bad way. Bankers have been doing their best impression of journalists lately, spending their days cowering under their desks, hoping to go unnoticed long enough to log another paycheck. So when relief comes for an entire institution looking its Maker in the eyes, it's only natural they get a little giddy. Point of reference: Washington Mutual's first new ad following its purchase by JP Morgan Chase.

The print spot reads, among some smaller, less absurd type: "We love Chase. And not just because they have a trillion dollars." And while it may look like a clever Photoshop gag, Thomas Kelly at Chase says the ad is for real, and soon to be seen in newspaper form.

So take comfort in the unintelligible amount of money now holding up the largest bank failure in U.S. history. It's a trillion dollars, America. WaMu is back, and stronger than ever. Just try to sink them now.

The line for grotesquely high-risk loans starts around the corner.
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