Watch Out for Falling Brands

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Advertisers are always looking for fresh mediums to hook consumers into willfully relinquishing the small part of their paychecks they have left after whatever Apple product is redesigned this month, and for a long time, companies have been lamentably pigeonholed into "classic" outlets of television, magazines and 80-story digital Lite-Brite boards.

Well, no longer! A few courageous innovators have taken it upon themselves to assuage this great crisis in creativity. And their answer: parachutes.

Beck's, Land Rover, Honda and suspiciously non-lactose, snack-food stalwart Cheez-It have all taken to the sky to send their brand hurtling back toward Earth.

Does this constitute a trend in marketing? The U.S. Parachute Association sure thinks so. But we don't know that we'll be seeing iPhones falling from planes, Feist gleefully bopping in synch. (Though I wouldn't rule it out. Feist is catchy.)

Assumingly, advertisers are trying to tell us one of two things: Either drinking, driving and junk-food consumption are just that much better from 13,000 feet up -- kind of like Nicholas Cage in an Elvis suit -- or naked rock-climbing campaigns are still in development.
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